Staff and Volunteers

South East Consortium Staff

Jennifer Spenner-Kind
Executive Director
Ext 103

I began to work for South East Consortium in Fall 2007. I started out as a program aide in the Dance and Play Production Programs. These experiences led me to a full-time Program Supervisor position at SEC which changed my life and desire to pursue a career in recreation and non-profit management. I have BFA in Fine & Performing Arts, and a minor in non-profit management from MMC and a MA in Education from NYU. At SEC, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with many individuals, colleagues, and educators as we continue to pursue and develop comprehensive therapeutic recreation, leisure and social programs for those with differing abilities. Every day I am thankful and proud I have the opportunity to change individuals' lives.
In my spare time I enjoy soap and candle making, fishing, boating and jet skis. I love spending quality time with my family and friends around the campfire.
Austin Cunney
Program Supervisor
Ext 104

My name is Austin Cunney and I’m from White Plains NY. I graduated from SUNY Cortland with a Bachelors in Inclusive Special Education and a Minor in Psychology for Individuals with Exceptionalities in 2018. I am currently receiving my Masters in Therapeutic Recreation Education at Lehman College. I started working at South East in 2016 as a camp counselor. From there, I worked as a program aide and instructor before being hired as a full-time program supervisor in 2019. While it’s hard to pick a favorite program, I really enjoy Travel Club and bowling.
Indiana Rodriguez
Billing Coordinator/Bookkeeper
Ext 102

Indiana Rodriguez an aspiring CPA, bookkeeper /billing coordinator, investor and mother. Accuracy and integrity at the core of every choice made has created my character.
Erin McGuinness
Program Supervisor
Ext 108

I am from White Plains, NY and began working at SEC in the Winter of 2021, and have loved every minute of being here! I graduated from SUNY New Paltz in 2016 with a Bachelors in Secondary Education with a concentration in English. I worked at a residential school for students on the Autism spectrum as a Direct Support Professional prior to joining the SEC family. I have worked on a number of our program events and monthly programs, such as Teen Adventure and Lunch and a Movie, in addition to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evening programs such as Zumba, Yoga, and Dance! I enjoy every program that I get a chance to be at, but especially enjoy Play Production, Dance Company, Zumba and Yoga! :)
Jonathan Sankat
Program Supervisor
Ext 101

Hi, my name is Jonathan Sankat. My previous employer was the Westchester School for Special Children as the substitute teacher. I’ve taught in every class of that school and made a huge impact on the lives of the students there. I currently have a degree in Business Administration from Baruch College.
Maggie Stone
Office Assistant
Ext 100

I have been with South East for 13 years now. I started out with after school Basketball Program at Eastchester high school ever since then I have been participating with them in furious programs including Partners in sport go Hawks!!! I begin working for the SEC in 2015 volunteering with their play production program and then expanded to doing Yoga, Teen chefs in addition to those programs In 2019 had the privilege of becoming an instructor with them running my own program known as South East Self-advocacy Club (SAC) witch as of this season has about 19 members and the fall of 2021 I was giving the position of office assistant working Mondays and Fridays now I’m mostly working in the office and doing the SAC.
e gengo headshot

Emma Gengo
I began to work for South East Consortium in the summer of 2014. The experience of working as a camp counselor that summer changed my life as it solidified my desire to pursue a career in education. During my years at SEC, I had the opportunity to collaborate with many individuals and amazing colleagues in varied roles including division head, assistant director, and program instructor. I thoroughly enjoy supporting individuals in navigating social interactions, facilitating engaging games/ activities, and establishing rapport with these individuals over the course of many years. While I hope I have made a positive impact on the individuals that I have had the privilege to work with, what I have gained from them is invaluable.

Jack Reisman
South East is my second home! I have been working with South East Consortium for the better half of my life and I’ve loved every moment of it. When I’m not at Sharks Swim or Partners in Sports I work as an Occupational Therapist in the NYC school system. I enjoy reading, exercising, watching movies and spending time with my wife Caitlin, my son Owen and my cat Jimmy!

Marcus Jones
My name is Marcus. I am 35 years old. I’ve been working with the special needs population for 11 years. I like sports, food and most of all, music. My favorite program at South East is Partners in Sports.

Michael Iannareli
After about nine years working for southeast driving the bus for around 8 years for bowling .I can say covid took a toll on me, I missed my bowling crew so much they were a part of me . So happy to be back in full swing looking forward to many trips and programs.

Jack Lambert
South East Consortium has had a huge impact on my life. I have been attending South East program for over 10 years now. I have enjoyed a good amount of their programs that I have participated in including Play Production, Travel Club, Bowling, Sharks Swim, the dances, and the special events and I usually have a great time. Fairly recently, I even got the privilege to work in the South East Consortium office twice a week on Wednesdays and Thursdays. I enjoy working in the South East Consortium office assisting with filing papers, shredding papers, making copies, office organization etc. Overall, I am very grateful for South East Consortium for everything that they provided for me and without South East Consortium I would have no idea where I would be today as a person. I hope to continue to do South East Consortium programs for a long time.”

Alex Pflaum
My name is Alex Pflaum. I have been with South East since 2012. My favorite programs at South East are Partners in Sports and Friday Travel Club.

Enkeleta Temali
Hi, My name is Enkeleta Temali, I work at Mamaroneck high school in our special education program, and have been there for 17 years; I joined southeast as an aide 10 years ago and have since moved to become an instructor. On my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and my grandkids, baking, arts & crafts, dancing and going for walks in nature.
peter I

Peter Iannarelli
Hello, my name is Peter Iannarelli. I have been with South East Consortium since September of 2013. I attended Iona University and received a Bachelor’s of Arts in Speech Communication and a Master’s in Teaching Childhood Education and Special Education. I am currently a Special Education Teacher and Registered Behavior Technician in Northern Westchester, where I teach 6-8th grade life skills (8:1:1). My favorite programs are Tumble Time, Shark Swim and Saturday Swim.
frank scarfone

Frank Scarfone
Frank has been a part of the SEC family for many years. While he currently works as a custodian at a local preschool, Frank worked for 21 years as a teacher aid for the Westchester School for Special children. Frank loves connecting with others while at program. His favorite programs are Zumba and Movies and More! When he is not working programs, Frank loves to practice drums, and is a 5th degree black belt in Taekwondo (he is an inductee in the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame!)

Carmen Melendez Freitas
My name is Carmen Melendez Freitas . I’m an assistant teacher with Family services of Westchester. I have many years working with special needs students and children in early childhood. I currently reside in Mamaroneck N,Y. My current and personal goal is to serve the students that I work with. My hobbies are, I enjoy to read and travel. I currently have visited 23 countries. My alma matter is Hostos Community

Kristen Cignarella
Hi, my name is Kristen Cignarella and I have been with South East Consortium since the Summer of 2014. Having a twin sister with Down Syndrome, working at South East has given me a chance to grow even more closer to the Disabled Community. I am also a May 2021 graduate of Sacred Heart University with a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television. When I am not working the Programs at South East I am a current grad school student at Sacred Heart University getting my Master’s in Film and Television as well. My favorite programs are Saturday Swim, Play Production, Breakthrough, and Bowling. Looking forward to more fun and involvement on the way!

Sayoko Murase
My name is Sayoko and I have been with South East Consortium since February 2023. I am a former swimmer and tennis player, but it was my son Jack who lives with Angelman Syndrome who inspired me to become certified through Special Olympics NY which led me to Shark Swim. I love spending time with our hard-working swimmers, and it has been such a privilege getting to know them!

Peter Lawless
My name is Peter. I have been with South east for three years now. I am not only a South East participant, but also an employee in the SEC Office. I assist with filing, organization, taking messages, and much more. It has been a fantastic experience.

Cailin Cunney
Cailin has worked for South East Consortium since beginning as a camp counselor in 2020. Since beginning with South East, Cailin has had experience in multiple Summer camp settings, most recently with our teen life program. Cailin is our Teen Chefs instructor and specializes in finding creative and fun recipes for the group to practice.

Anita Stribling
Anita Stribling has been with South East Consortium as a program Instructor for over 15 years. Dedicated to providing social and creative arts programs for the I/DD Community.