Eligibility Process

Effective Immediately

The following criteria and conditions for enrolling in South East Consortium (SEC) programs applies only to NEW individuals residing with their families/guardians or independently in any of the Consortium municipalities. This DOES NOT apply to individuals residing in IRAs or group homes or individuals who were previously enrolled in program(s) prior to the fall session.

  • Due to overcrowding and limited resources, SEC can no longer accept NEW enrollments from individuals who reside outside the Consortium municipalities of: City of Rye; Town/Village of Harrison; Town of Eastchester; Town of Mamaroneck; Town of Pelham; Village of Port Chester; Village of Mamaroneck; Village of Scarsdale, Village of Larchmont; Village of Bronxville; Village of Tuckahoe and Village of Rye Brook.
  • Family Support Services (non-waiver eligibility): SEC can no longer accept any NEW registrations from individuals who have not completed the OPWDD Front Door Eligibility Process and have been issued a Letter of Authorization stating eligibility has been confirmed. Individuals may not begin programs until SEC is notified the process is completed and billing for reimbursement is possible.
  • HCBS Medicaid Waiver: SEC will only accept individuals who are Medicaid Waiver eligible after all the required documentation is properly submitted by the Medicaid Service Coordinator. SEC needs to be correctly noted on the Individual Service Plan (ISP) as a service provider; a Service Authorization Letter (SAL); Notice of Decision (NOD); Level of Care (LOC); a DDP-1 form and evidence that the requested amount of Units of Service have been approved. Once this documentation has been received by SEC it will be submitted to OPWDD. Individuals may not begin programs until SEC is notified the billing for reimbursement process is completed.
  • Any individual who resides with their family/guardian, has previously enrolled in programs and is actively pursuing OPWDD eligibility via the Front Door may enroll in programs at an adjusted rate while the eligibility process takes place.
  • Any individual residing with their family/guardian in a Consortium municipality, who is currently enrolled in SEC programs, but was DENIED eligibility by OPWDD may enroll in programs at an adjusted rate assuming they meet the eligibility criteria for SEC.
  • SEC needs and appreciates the cooperation of parents/families and Medicaid Service Coordinators to ensure all required paperwork and documentation is current in order to be in compliance with Medicaid and OPWDD audits.

South East is recognized for its history of providing quality and effective programs to those it serves. The dramatic transformation of funding from New York State in recent years has significantly changed the way SEC conducts business and we expect even more changes down the road. Hope you understand!

Jennifer Spenner-Kind, Executive Director

All New Applicants Need:

Program Admission Application 2013
(must be filled out entirely and signed by doctor)