Programs and Services

The mission of the South East Consortium is to effectively develop and implement a balanced and comprehensive schedule of therapeutic recreation and leisure-related services that strive to meet the interests and needs of children and adults with disabilities and special needs.

We are able to do so by utilizing available community- based resources within the member municipalities and beyond. The South East Consortium is committed to delivering enriching, appropriate, safe and enjoyable programs and services under the supervision of qualified staff and dedicated volunteers. These activities are and cultural development of our participants.

Programs and services are offered year-round with a focus on after-school, evenings and weekend needs. While an emphasis is placed on providing for those individuals with developmental disabilities, this does not preclude or lessen our commitment to deliver services to others with special needs.

The South East Consortium serves as an extension of its local recreation programs and is mandated to provide valuable opportunities and experiences for those who, for whatever reason, are unable to participate in regular recreation programs.The majority of our programs are considered to be self-contained, but we try to provide modified-inclusive programs whenever possible and appropriate. If we cannot provide adequately for your child or family member, we will work closely with you to explore viable options so that their needs will be met.

The following is a sampling of some programs currently being offered for youth, teens and adults. We are constantly working to develop more program experiences for more people with a wider range of needs and abilities. We welcome your comments and assistance as we move forward.

Summer 2024 Brochure

Spring 2024 Brochure

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Summer 2023 Brochure
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